You're a Gift, god-damn-it.




so I'm an inspiration junkie.

how else would you explain agreeing to run/walk 6 blocks , in 30 degree weather, (every other day) in order to interview (non paid) previously homeless individuals. on your. lunch. break.

yeah, its bad

they think i'm doing them a favor, but no; im just getting my fix.

so let me tell you what went down today; Jeff Greene, a sixty five year old man, who is a street vendor with this Philadelphia city paper (One Step Away) was the definition of a breath of fresh air. 

he was soooo comfortable to be around.

there was something so freeing about his way. 

when I asked him to elaborate on his life lessons from selling papers to strangers on the streets the following statement had me stunned: 

"Im not selling a paper; im giving myself away. And I have learned how to give myself away without being afraid." 

this is what I took from Jeff's statement: Jeff is implying that his presence is something of value. And that something is what he chooses to gift others with; without fearing what will come of it. 

When you feel rich, you are naturally generous. 

I know that sounds like it could come off creepy, lol, but i was in his presence for a good 15 minutes and could not get enough -- he was for real. Unlike many who aggravate, drain or feed off your energy, he brought his energy to the table, like a beautiful platter of ripe fruit, and allowed me to delight in it and get a flavor. 

How would your life be if you acknowledged yourself as a gift, and then chose to generously "give it away", without fearing rejection?

that's what i want to know. 

I have a feeling you'd shake, rattle and roll.

perhaps even get written up in a blog, by some random girl out there. 

maybe even totally make my day. 

*keep streaming*

the best *meditation* for your Zodiac Sign!

hi hi hi 🍓

Here's a fun and accurate-ish description on how the planets could help us tune in!

Enjoy and let me know if any of them resonated with you!

✨                                          ✨                                   ✨


Aries: You like fast and furious. And you like to be the first --- at pretty much everything. You were made for racing, but not necessarily always finishing the race. A nice, slow, leisurely stroll will challenge your urge to want to go faster or prove your position. As a result of slowing down your body, your thoughts might want to go even faster...let them. Remember the turtle and the hare?

Taurus: As an earth sign you might get stuck in your head, and how things "should be". Eating can be a complicated affair for you as you might use it to either soothe or mask your pain. Try making a meal that feels nourishing for your body, and do it slowly and mindfully. Use all your senses in this activity and it will be a great way for you to tune in.

Gemini: The last thing you want to to is sit down. Constant motion whether in the body or the mind is the name of your game. A little grounding never hurt anyone thoughand it might just be what your airy-ness needs. Find a calm setting and put the timer on for only one minute. You can also use a mantra like "I will not be the victim of FOMO" to re-focus your mind even more.

Cancer: You are homebody. As the sign most likely to become a little reclusive, take this opportunity and go by the water. The fluidity of this element makes you feel safe and nurtured. You can either go for a swim, or simply take in the waves by the beach. Make some time to connect with nature and you will fee more emotionally balanced.

Leo: You represent the inner child and the joy that comes with expressing ones own individuality. Take the pressure off yourself to perform for somebody or gain praise, and do something that you loved doing as a child --- for yourself. The pleasure that gives you will be even more gratifying than those standing ovations you so crave.

Virgo: Dear perfectionist, you love putting things in order and creating efficiency wherever you go. That sometimes might be a little stressful for you though, so for your meditation try unwinding that mind of yours by putting together a puzzle. The pieces will engage your detail oriented nature, without letting you overthink the significance of the task.

Libra: Alone time is not the easiest for you, and while you know self-reflection is important, as the diplomat of the group, your tendency to deflect your feelings onto others doesn't help you recenter. Try this partner meditation where you sit directly across from someone and just look into each others eyes. Can you separate their feelings from yours?

Scorpio: As the sign associated with regeneration, life and death, sometimes you feel like everything and everyone is out to get you. Learning to trust the throws of life is key in your being able to use your powers in a healthy way. Take this chance to focus to do a mini experiment on life and death by taking a mason jar, lining it with cotton and planting some seeds. Witness the circle of life and find peace in all stages of your plants growth.

Sagittarius:  Dear centaur, you are known to fly solo. Your freedom is your most valued possession and you guard that with everything you got. That tendency might not allow your to develop the closeness you so yearn to feel though. Plan a visit to an nursing home or a animal shelter and let yourself feel the tender feeling of being needed by someone. And dont worry, you can always leave.

Capricorn: the serious and ambitious seagoat is always working towards something. Its not accident the most successful CEOS, business peeps and boss bitches know how to climb that corporate ladder. Life isn't always about climbing though; for your meditation you;ll still get to climb, only in the form of a hike. Get the thrill from still doing some challenging, in a more mindful way.

Aquarius: As the bearer of social reform and justice, you love being surrounded by diverse individuals. You are able to see the big picture because you know how to detach from the ups and down of emotions. This might lead you to sometime feel a little cut off from your emotional intelligence. Your meditation involves writing a love letter. It can be to a friend, a romance partner, or a family member, or even, dare I say, yourself! Dive into the activity and let your heart pour out.

Pisces: Sometimes its hard for people to understand your chaos, little fish. You live in a world where fantasy and realty mesh like a bowl of spaghetti. You see the magic and the potential beauty in all. This might be overwhelming for you at times thought. For your meditation, try creating some boundaries by doing a color by numbers or coloring book exercise. It will be a gentle reminder that not all lines are meant to be crossed.

*Keep Streaming*

why would someone order pizza in squares? (hint: power)

howdy friends 😊

Last week I was curious as to what kind of crumbs my beloved streamers were craving and I'm thrilled to now share part of the scoop! Adriana is a potato chips gal, Ann likes her dark chocolate bits and pieces and my mom is a good ol' fashion crusty bread lover. Don't ask me why, but it makes very VERY happy to know such things about you.

 ALRIGHTY, Moving on now to............


1.  "Sabbath" for 300 plz:

While world religions maybe "divinely inspired", as their human interpreters, we sure do shed a lot of light onto what makes us tick. You don't have to "believe" in anything, really, to be fascinated and even find value by different traditions and cultures. The other day, I was in the midst of putting together a work date with someone who later I found out "observed" Sabbath. I'm sorry, he said, Saturday, is dedicated to "God". What could that imply, I wondered. So naturally, I asked. He said, it was a day to enjoy oneself and truly relax; which meant, "no work". How lovely, right?

last bite: Chilling out is hard to do. But what if we pretended, for a split second, that doing so was mandatory. Who do you respect the most in the world? Ask them to order you to do something relaxing for yourself! hahaha and then be sure to obey! (in case you were wondering, I went for a veryyyyyy long bikeride this morning AND writing this blog does not constitute as "work") 

2. You say squares, I say value:

I know a guy who likes his pizza, actually no, needs his pizza to be cut in squares instead of triangles. Besides his theory that it "tastes" better that way, he has another, less trivial reason for being "that guy" at the restaurant. "It shows that they care, and that they are paying attention". I have to admit, the first time he hit me with that, I wasn't persuaded. Until he elaborated, " I don't want to eat a place where the cooks are on autopilot, if they cant accommodate a simple change, it shows that the priority is not my enjoyment." It took some time to sink in, but I ended up nodding my head.

last bite: Are there certain "little things" that are actually more like "big things" for you? Are you proud and transparent about them? People who know what they need and actually ask for it are what we would call "powerful". They also end up attracting more power because like attracts like.

3. let's co- crumb

I gotta say, my stories are pretty alright. But I got to thinking... what ON EARTH is going on in your everyday life!?

Did any interaction, comment, or yummy meal split your brain in half or rattle your soul?

Your mini aha could now touch millions, ( just kidding, we're only 46) Just shoot me an email with your highlight and I can parley it (anonymously, if you like), to our group. This way, your crumbs and my crumbs can play.

last bite: And this wasn't even my idea. Thank you Adri :)

🍴, K.


Knowing our Name in a World of Alternative Facts.

In the legal bubble there is this thing we call "stipulations" ---- It's a piece of paper that all parties get to look over, edit and negotiate upon, for the purpose of concluding on a certain set of "facts". Without this agreed upon foundation, there is no trial. You wouldn't think such document vital, I mean they are going to fight about it anyway, right. And yet, if all parties are not working from the same "reality", there is no possible way to reach any resolution.

Fast forward to the buzziest term of the day: alternative facts.

This term was originally used by certain politicians to probably oh you know, explain themselves out of a difficult situation; shocker. And yet, just because one ding dong uttered the term "alternative facts" the world has royally lost their shit. (This is what I like to call the folly of the Conservatives and the naivetEH of the Liberals, but that's for ..... a never time.)

The truth is, facts are not the truth.

Facts will always vary, change and be disproved according to the evolution of the eye of the beholder. It is why we keep updating our text books, phones and moisturizers. Information doesn't stay the same. Despite all this, we continue to insist that there is only ONE right way to perceive what we see...(the smartest species, they say.) 

Now, then,

since we've all stipulated to the conclusion that reality is made up of many different versions(see how I did that) how do we choose which one to believe?

Enter hypothetical: uncle Joey thinks the world is about to end, while our besties remind that us that the best is yet to come; meanwhile the breaking news is that pink flamingos are cart-wheeling into outer space after accidentally being fed McDonald's quarterpounders, and the Senate is seconds away from launching who knows what because, clearly, the Flamingos had Russian accents.

Seriously. What on EARTH do we believe?

Like all organisms, our survival instincts are built in. We know, if its cold outside or if the sketchy co-worker is lying because of our senses, our logic, and our intuition. In times of external chaos, deceit, and illusion, our internal GPS is the news station that must be tuned into and listened to ---- daily.

Close the open tabs, and open your eyes.

Sharpen your inner BS meter by spending more time in nature.

Praise your inner forecaster, by thanking your body every time it inhales and exhales.

Give yourself a chance to know, and you will.

In a world that is disassembling the way it understands the truth, make sure you are fiercely in line with your own.


🍰 K.

ps: yes, I am still wasting my time on Bitmoji.

Get off the Super(wo)man Train

Awooooooooooooooooooooo, anyone here a "lone wolf" ?

well, this ones for you.

One of the saddest things that happens when we act superhuman is that we rob the ability of those around us to exercise their power. Their ability to extend love. If you're feeling like crap, my dear friend, allow yourself to let it show. I know that sounds counter-culture, but hear me out.

We are told to smile and be happy and in control, but who is that really benefiting?

The other day, I woke up kinda low. Ok, very low. I tried to fight it, pep up, and get into my usual action oriented awesomeness, but my body was like nahhhh. So I gave up. I surrendered to my need to turn inward.

And that's when it happened; the pack started to show up.

My coworker, clearly sensing the flat line across the table took a whole 10 to 15 minutes to remind me that creative work is the reward, in itself. My mom made spaghetti for dinner. My childhood friend in Greece whatsapped me reminding me of my ability to soothe others and how this would be a great time to flip the switch on myself. Another close but yet again long distance friend, sent me a random video of Anthony Bourdain in Rome, because a scene reminded her of why I do what I do.

Did I need every single ounce of this? You can bet your life that I did.

And you know, I don't like admitting this, but this outpour of unsolicited love took me by surprise. I didn't expect the life-jackets to come in. Not because I don't think people care, but because I tend to underestimate the valuable lesson of being supported.

When we are low, the ones who care for us go high. If we allow them.

Allow us to pick you up. 

Allow the world to do its part.

*Keep Streaming*